Secondhand never looked so good
August 21, 2012

Mo’ Money Mo’ Clothes!

Hola Twice fashionistas!

We’ve got some exciting news to share with y’all on this very special Twice Tuesday!

Today we are pleased to announce the close of $4MM in Series A funding, which means we’ll be able to bring you even more great fashion, witty tips on beach camping and updates on the thrifty shopping habits of the royals. We are also hard at work on building out some fab new site features that will make it even easier to buy and sell on Twice, so get excited!

If you’ve got some stylish clothes you aren’t wearing (thereby taking up precious space in your closet), we’d love to take them off your hands. Submit a sell order this week and we’ll send you a super stylin’ Twice tee shirt (as modeled by our co-founders Noah & Calvin above) for FREE

Simply click here to get the lowdown on our easy 3-step selling process. After you’ve submitted your sell order, just drop us a line at with your preferred tee shirt size — it’s that easy, folks.

Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook to get 20% off your purchase order as well!