Secondhand never looked so good
April 15, 2014

Clothing Tags For Dummies: How to Decode a Care Label


If you feel lost in translation when it comes to clothing labels, you are not alone. Care symbols are the hieroglyphics of laundry, and reading them is utterly mind-boggling. To avoid perils in your sudsy chores, heed their warning! Follow our trusty guide to dodge unexpected laundry mishaps lurking ahead.

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April 14, 2014

Top Twicer: Lani Gil

Meet Lani, one of our newest regulars with a fearless sense of style. We are excited to introduce her as one of the first of many customer spotlights!

Where are you from? San Antonio, Texas

How did you hear about Twice? Through Instagram! My friend tagged me in a post about Twice since she knows that I never pay full price—for anything.

What are your favorite brands & designers? Right now I am sort of obsessed with Elie Saab and his amazing dresses.

What is your style mantra? Stand out! You only have one life to live.

My biggest purchase ever was…my Micheal Kors watch. Thankfully, I wear it everyday!

I wear lipstick on days when…I wear black.

What is your number one fashion rule? Don’t wear it if it doesn’t fit.

High heels are…also for tall women! I am 5’11” and not scared of being taller, I love it.

The one item in my closet that I wear every season is…my Vince Camuto leather moto boots

One thing I wish I could shop for on Twice is…shoes!