Secondhand never looked so good
September 29, 2014

Twice featured in WIRED: First to Market Secondhand Clothes


We’re thrilled to be featured in the September 2014 printed issue of WIRED as one of the “First to Market Secondhand Clothes”:

"One of the latest startup trends: online used-clothing stores. "Millennials don’t want to own things," says Stephanie Tilenius…"They want to rotate, they want the experience of new stuff." So dump your dud duds online—and treat yourself to something better. —Victoria Tang

$18.5 million raised in Series B round in January 2014
Seller mail gently worn items to this online store, which carries typical mall brands. Staffers inspect the pieces, take photos, and post them for resale. Goodwill gets the rejects.”

It’s a joy to see how far we’ve come since our last appearance in WIRED back in 2012, when we launched our store. Next stop: front cover.